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Semi Automatic Paraffin Microtome



  • Streamlined body made by ABS reduces cleaning to minimum
  • Specimen feeding system with latest advanced technology makes specimen feeding more precise
  • Seamless moving with international advanced slide way and groove is free for lubrication and maintenance, which makes sure the precision of sample moving
  • Hand wheel force balancing system: A special system for adjusting the balancing force during sectioning, making rotation easier and smoother
  • The disposable blade can move horizontally to avoid the dangers of manual contacting to the blade. Every blade cuts specimen by three parts, which ensures the entire use of blade edge
  • The waste tray collects sectioning debris, easily removable for cleaning
  • Adjustable specimen clamp base helps to change cassette clamp or pincers clamp quickly


Specimen orientation on X/Y axes: 
Section thickness range:1-60µm 
Section thickness setting:1-10µm1µm increment
 10-20µm2µm increments
 20-60µm5µm increments
Specimen vertical stroke:60mm 
Specimen horizontally stroke:25mm 
Max specimen size with cassette clamp:40 ×28mm (H×W) 
Max specimen size with C clamp:55×40mm (H×W) 
Dimensions (W×D×H):530×410×300mm 

Standard Accessory:

Freezing System 1 pcs
Clamp2 pcs
Blade Carrier (for disposable blade )1 pcs
Waste Tray 1 pcs
Tissue Molds4 pcs

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