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Manual Rotary Microtome

As a newly developed products acc. to latest internationally technology with ergonomic design for easy use.

This microtome is current advanced process example,

The disposable blade can move horizontally to avoid the dangers of manual contacting to the Microtome



MT-315 Rotary Microtome is ideal for most routine histology, biological and industrial applications. In order to ensure top quality performance and precision in the preparation of microtome sections the MT-315 features key component parts from Japan, and due to this high precision and stability you can ensures exact reproducible section quality in wax and plastic embedded sections.

This is a complete kit include all important accessories.


  • A high precision specimen feed
  • A universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp
  • The dual fail-safe control system ensures safe and reliable use for changing the blade or tissue block.
  • The special blade holder, conveniently allows the use of a disposable blade for safer use.
  • This additionally helps the durability of the disposable blade.
  • Smoothly running handwheel which can be locked in any position or highest position
  • Spacious, integrated section waste tray


Type of microtome :          Mechanical 
Section thickness setting range:                     0 – 60 µm 
Setting values :From     0 –   2 µm in 0.5 µm increments
 Form     2 – 10 µm in 1.0 µm increments
 Form   10 – 20 µm in 2.0 µm increments
 Form   20 – 60 µmin 5.0 µm increments
Horizontal specimen stroke:28 mm 
Vertical specimen stroke:60 mm 
Precision error:± 5% 
Sample orientation:8° along the X-Y-axis, rotable 360° 
Maximum section size:50 × 45mm 
Dimensions incl. tray(L/T/H):300 x 570 x 270 mm(L x W x H) 
Net weight:Approx. 34 kg

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