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Tissue Processor



  • It can be stored eight operation program in common use.
  • Protection functions for power failure by battery backup
  • The tissue processing time for each step can be adjusted during running by manual operation.
  • The rudimental liquid adsorbed on the basket can be cleaned out automatically during the basket from one liquid tank to another one, avoid the pollution.
  • It can insert manual operation during program automatic running; it is convenient to adjust the basket.
  • Ion decontaminate fitting to reduce the health unsafely effect by the venomousness gas.
  • When running the basket meets with any obstacle, it will return to the first liquid tank to protect the tissue being destroyed.


Tank quantity:12pcs, including 9 reagent tanks and 3 wax tanks
Liquid tank capacity2000ml—–2500ml
Retention time in each tank:1 minute-99 hours 
Quantity of storing program:8 sets
Retention time after leaving the tank:30 seconds
Temperature range:50ºC – 99ºC
Temperature tolerance:0.5ºC
Power supply:220V (up or down 10%)50HZ or 110V(up or down 10%) 50/60Hz


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