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Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cryostat Microtome


  • Maximum 20 pieces specimen to satisfy requirement of more specimen.
  • Power switch equips with short circuit and overload protection.
  • Large stainless steel freezing chamber and scrap collector are easy for user doing operation and clean.
  • Compressor made by Deafness is to provide fast freezing and good result.
  • Pro-environment refrigerant R404A
  • The chamber temperature can drop to working condition within 120 minutes after switching the unit on.
  • LED screen can display data such as sample travel, thickness, function control, day, time, temperature and time on/off.
  • 2 pieces of politer stations for fast freezing.
  • Vacuum cleaner to clean scrap.
  • X-, Y-, Z-Aches orientation system.
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • UVC sterilize function.
  • Standby mode: after starting, the temperature in cryostat chamber can be controlled between -4C and -9C automatically; system arrives to working temperature within 15 minutes after stop to do stand by.
  • Total pieces and total section thickness display.
  • The specimen retraction function, protects the specimen from blade damage, that can be on/off.
  • Unit contains heated, removable sliding window.
  • Unit contains two defrost methods: definite time and manual
  • Control panel with locking function to avoid improper operation.
  • Hand wheel locking.
  • Sensor self-diagnosis function.


Section thickness:1-90μm adjustable
 1μm increment from 1 to 20μm
2μm increments from 20 to 40μm
5μm increments from 40 to 90μm
Trimming thickness:10-400μm adjustable
 5μm increments from 10 to 50μm;
10μm increments from 50 to 100μm;
50μm increments from 100 to 400μm
Retraction:20μm(ON or OFF)
Horizontal stroke :25mm
Vertical stroke:59mm
Maximum specimen size:Φ55mm
Voltage:220V±10% Frequency: 50Hz
Chamber temperature:-10℃~-35℃
Peltier temperature:-60℃
Number of freezing station:18
Peltier number:2
Refrigerant R404A 300g±10g 
 E407Freezing shelf temperature:-45℃
Specimen orientation:12°(X-, Y-, Z-Achse)

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