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Fully Automatic Paraffin Microtome




Takeboth aesthetics and practicality into structure design

  • Ergonomically one-step Injection Molded housing(including fixing bottom studs) results in appropriate structure, attractive appearance and convenient operation, and enables to avoid resonance and lower the frictional resistance;
  • Magnetic waste tray enables easy removal for cleaning, and was designed black to blend into one harmonious whole together with the main machine.
  • Electronic touch-control system with Powerful functions and convenient operation
  • Control and display by chromatic LCD touch-screen;
  • Enable optional languages;
  • Multi modes are optional to meet different requirements greatly: fully-automatic slicing with adjustable speed and three slicing modes: continuous, step and single; manual slicing with rotary and rocking mode;
  • Fast trimming function enables fast switch between sectioning and trimming mode;
  • Section counting function counts total sliced pieces and thickness;
  • Specimen retraction function protects specimens from blade scratching and ensures sections’ integrality;
  • Specimen spot memory enables specimen go to original sectioning position;
  • Emergency stop button;
  • Optional foot-control panel;
  • Automatic voltage compatibility ensures to match with global 
  • voltage standards with supported range of voltage from 100V to 240V; 
  • Self-diagnostic prompt

Mechanical drive system with perfect workmanship enables durable service


  • Guide rails and retainer in mechanical transmission system was made in German, which are so highly precise that enables to slide with even no gap, thus results in precision and longer equipment life and free of lubrication, maintenance and noise, too;
  • A precise micro motion specimen feeding system: controlled by a micro-computer, optical signals, and a stepper motor to ensure precise specimen feeding.


Precise, comfort, and safe slicing experience

  • 1 User friendly design of handle makes it can be moved to the center of handwheel to ensure safety in automatic slicing mode;
  • Two safe locking mechanisms on the handwheel: the first safety lock enables to fix the specimen head at the uppermost; the second one locks the specimen head at the bottom. When the safety locking is electronically detected and converted to the LCD display, fully motorized sectioning is not accessible;
  • Blade clamp can be moved horizontally to avoid danger from unintended touch on blade. A third of the blade can do the entire slicing, which makes the blade’s life time three times longer;
  • Specimen positioning: horizontally 8°, vertically 8°, cassette clamp and C clamp are optional.


Section thickness range:1~100 μm (3~5μm thickness leads to best section results)
Section thickness setting:1~10μ m1 μm   increment
                         10~20 μm2 μm   increment
                            20~50 μm5 μm   increment
 50~100 μm10 μm increment
Trimming thickness: 1~600 μm 
Trimming thickness setting:1~10 μm1 μm   increment
                         10~20 μm,2 μm   increment
                            20~50 μm,5 μm   increment  
 50~100 μm,10 μm increment
 100~600 μm,50 μm increment
Specimen retraction: 5~150μm,5μm increment (enable to shut down)
Specimen vertical stroke: 59 mm 
Specimen horizontal stroke: 25 mm 
No. of section modes: 5 
Max specimen size:60mm×50mm×40mm 
Dimensions (W×L×H):410×620×310mm 
Specimen positioning: horizontally 8° /  vertically  8°
Voltage: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Power: 75W 
Weight:about 30kg 
Automatic section speed: 10~60 pieces/min adjustable (enable to shut down)

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