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Hemoglobin Meter for testing HGB content, Horizontal or Vertical type



  • Automatic temperature compensation, high stability and accurate measurements
  • Advanced photoelectric measurement system.
  • Vertical type HEM-1C suitable for laboratory use or horizontal type HEM-1 convenient for carrying up.
  • Standard calibration memory can automatically save the calibration results for one time.
  • Easy to use and unnecessary to calibrate repeatedly.


Test Parameter:Hemoglobin (HGB)Hemoglobin (HGB)
Test Method:High ferricyanideHigh ferricyanide
Wavelength:540 nm540 nm
Display:3-digits LCD Display3-digits LCD Display
Measuring Range:0~200 g/L0-240 g/L
Tolerance:≤2%≤ 2%
Linear Range≤ 5% FS≤ 5% FS
Standard setting0~200 g/L0 ~ 240 g/L adjustable (integral multiple of ten)
Dilution Ratio:1:251  /  1:5010,215972222
Sample Volume:2mL ±10%1~9ml, ten grades adjustable
Test Time:≤8s≤ 4 s (minimum absorption)

Ordering informations:

1.279.001 HEM-1 Hemoglobin Meter for testing HGB content, Horizontal type, set 1
1.279.001c HEM-1C Hemoglobin Meter for testing HGB content, Vertical type, set 1

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